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Oklahoma City Mediation Lawyer

A familiar nightmare for people approaching divorce is the idea of former lovers, best friends and partners in life fighting tooth and nail before a family law judge in a public courtroom. Even when pain and hurt feelings are strong, most reasonable people prefer more peaceful pathways to divorce that preserve the privacy and dignity of both parties.

Mediation is a very good option for spouses approaching divorce. In the process of mediation, each person has his or her own attorney. Areas of the divorce that both parties need to consent to may include:

  • Division of assets that may be complex, high-dollar or difficult to categorize
  • Spousal support when one spouse has lived as a dependent of the other
  • Child custody, a high-stakes and emotional topic for many families
  • Child support, particularly when there are out-of-the-ordinary facts to consider, such as a parent's disabilities or a child's special needs

In my family law practice, I thoughtfully represent divorcing clients in mediation, before a mediator. The process belongs to the people whose marriage is under discussion. The mediator keeps a neutral stand as each person's attorney helps make sure that he or she understands the ramifications of divorce settlement terms.

Oklahoma City Mediation Attorney — Family Law Mediation

Mediation allows couples to keep the divorce process private. It allows them to make their own decisions about things that will affect their lives more than anyone else's. A divorce judge typically has a very small period of time to devote to each marital dissolution in the courtroom or in pretrial settlement conferences. With mediation, on the other hand, divorcing spouses keep control of the process and drive their own reasonable solutions. In many cases, it is more combative methods of divorce.

I am committed to protecting your family and your interests so that you can move forward after divorce. Call 405-708-6839 or contact me by email for an initial consultation about mediation with an experienced Oklahoma City family lawyer.

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